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updated thu 9 jun 11


Claudia MacPhee on wed 8 jun 11

I have quite a few little ones coming to my after school clay group. The=
youngest is 12 months.....accompanied by either a mother or the nanny. Lot=
s of 3 year olds. Our local day care brings in the kids too.

I have spoken with the psychologist/counselor that comes in about the very =
little ones using clay. She says that these kids are basically non-verbal i=
n expressing their feelings and using clay is how they communicate.

We just don't know what they are saying. Using the small muscles to manipul=
ate clay forms neuron connections in the brain, making learning easier. I=
n other words, kids know what to do with the stuff!!

I give them a glob of clay, a few tools and let them go at it. Because they=
learn visually I will make an animal, something goofy to make them laugh, =
roll some coils, make balls etc. Then stand back and watch the fun.

Everyone has the right to see the world in their own way.....something lots=
of people forget when they are teaching kids. Show them possibilities, the=
n let them do the rest.

Just my opinion,

Claudia MacPhee Tagish, Yukon