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updated sat 4 jun 11


MEUNIER LEE on fri 3 jun 11

=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0 Any claybuds know of clay workshops in the=3D0AAppalachian =
s around Big Stone Gap or=3D0ANorton, Virginia?=3DA0 I have potter buds who=
they=3D0Aknow there are workshops there but have never=3D0Aseen one mentio=
=3DA0 They're going across country=3D0Ato a reunion and would love to fit i=
n a =3D
workshop as=3D0Awell as some hikes.=3D0A=3D0AThank you.=3D0A=3D0AJoyce in t=
he Mojave =3D
Desert of CA U.S.A.=3DA0 where=3D0AI used a box of Dave and Matt's porcelai=
n, m=3D
ostly=3D0Afor handbuilt work, and found it very workable=3D0Aand fireable..=
. I'=3D
m sure I did nothing special in either=3D0Athe building or the firing.... j=
t my usual ^10=3D0Afiring ala Tom Coleman=3DA0plus my Geil guidelines=3D0At=
hat ca=3D
me with the kiln.=3D0A