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local clay slip glaze, etc

updated wed 21 jan 98


UNI_ POTTER on tue 20 jan 98

Dear Jack McCoy:
We're talkin' nasty hersheys chocolate
for sure. I tried it and hated it a
first glance. It was such a great idea.
On the other hand, I used native red
for a terra sig and fired unglazed
at low temp with residual salt in
updraft primitive wood kiln and got
some pleasing hues. I also worked
with a matte high-fire glaze that
was about 65 Red Art, 15 whiting,
and the balence Neph Sy. It just looks
like red art clay, so I asked myself:
why bother? One thing I keep wanting
to do is go find that elusive black
river iron for glazing, but haven't
yet. :Eric Hansen

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