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turn your school into a prison

updated wed 1 jun 11


tony clennell on tue 31 may 11

Well John Post I just heard on CBC radio an answer from one of your
Michigan Superintendents- turn your school into a prison. Students in
Michigan get $7000 in funding and prisoners get $35,000 which includes
3 squares, health care, recreation, access to a University degree and
heat, light and hydro.
So Kelly ought to plan for her kids to do a soft drug deal and get the
education they deserve. Naw, a cute red head in the system wouldn't
fair well and Mum would be a nervous wreck.
Boy it sure does sound like a fustercluck in the education system in
Michigan. Yikes!
Keep up the big fight Johnnie boy. Teaching 800 students art in a week
is a story I might expect from the Third World.
Well on a good note Canada is getting back our hockey teams because
salaries of hockey players are paid in Greenbacks and they sure ain't
what they used to be.
Welcome Back Winnipeg Jets formerly Atlanta Thrashers!