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how to loose money in the pottery bizz

updated wed 1 jun 11


Lee on mon 30 may 11


I pack the pots in my checked luggage. For Mungyeong Korea, I
had one suitcase just for tea bowls. I then peppered my clothing
luggage with guinomi a couple mugs and yunomi. When I travel, I
give guinomi to helpful taxi drivers, waitresses, and people curious
about what I do. At the Mungyeong Hotel, I gave the three main staff
people guinomi as thank yous.
There was one booth of young beer brewers that gave us free
beer every evening, about three-quarters the way to our Hotel on our
long walk home. The last day, instead of riding the bus with our
packed pots back to the Hotel, I walked, so I could stop by the beer
tent. I gave each of the young mean a red shino yunomi. (the other
guest potters wanted to do something for them, but didn't have
anything handy.) Doesn't make anymore economic sense that those
boys giving us free Mungyeong beer. It was tasty beer after a long
day. Like how beer tastes after a long summer day of roofing.

At the workshop last year in Little Rock, I brought rice
bowls so I could make matcha for everybody. They took lots to buy
the rice bowls after I made tea. Some folks bought 3 pots after the
lots made 3 rounds. All the pots sold, for about $24.00 each. One
young woman, who taught at the Museum pottery school, bought the
boxed tea bowl I hadn't planned on selling (just wanted to show it.)
But was happy to let her take it home. I made just about as much
from the pots as I got for the one day workshop.

=3DA0Lee Love in Minneapolis

=3DA0"Ta tIr na n-=3DF3g ar chul an tI=3D97tIr dlainn trina ch=3DE9ile"=3D9=
7that is, =3D
land of eternal youth is behind the house, a beautiful land fluent
within itself." -- John O'Donohue

tony clennell on mon 30 may 11

When I do a workshop I always send a few cups to sell to bring some
more do rae me home. People want a piece of you and cups are very
personal and I like making them. I sent my cups to TX today and one
box shipped UPS cost me $126 dollars. So at $25 a cup the first 5 are
free and there are only 14 in the box. It's really almost a wholesale
order. So I guess to make this workshop profitable I'll have to sell
my body. That ought to net me a nickel and an American nickel isn't
worth what it used to be.