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gas kilns : geil or bailey?

updated fri 27 may 11


Stephani Stephenson on thu 26 may 11

asking this for a friend who has to make a quick decision. you can email =
offlist if you like.
she's getting back to me on the SF, but in general, for a large gas kiln=
is a Geil worth the extra $$. would like to hear from those with experie=
with regard to customer service, support, durability (classroom situation=
dependibility, etc. etc.

Stephani Stephenson
revivalsteph at

MEUNIER LEE on thu 26 may 11

I have had two Geils.=3DA0 No complaint about either one.=3D0AVery durable.=
=3DA0 =3D
No problem so far.=3DA0 I was as green=3D0Aa beginner as possible.=3DA0 Ins=
ons were clear and=3D0Ainformation.... when finally given.... was exactly w=
t I=3D0Aneeded to know.=3DA0 I supervised the Art Dept at our=3D0Alocal hig=
h scho=3D
ol (as Asst Prin).=3DA0 All their gas kilns=3D0Awere Geils.=3DA0I think tha=
=3DA0the local community college also had=3D0AGeil kilns.=3DA0 Both teacher=
s spok=3D
e well of the service provided.=3D0A=3D0AI don't have a Bailey kiln.=3DA0 I=
that when I was=3D0Aordering new kilns I didn't pursue Bailey because they=
=3D0Awere a couple thousand miles further away.=3DA0 Geil is=3D0Avery near =
to our=3D
community.=3DA0 However, I have purchased=3D0Aother Bailey equipment and h=
ave =3D
always been more=3D0Athan simply satisfied with their customer service=3D0A=
cy, however it might read formally.=3DA0 When I had an=3D0Aengineer friend =
to identify and suggest=3DA0 possible=3D0Aways to make my new Shimpo wheel=
ork once again, we called Bailey=3D0Afor help, thinking they had sold me th=
e =3D
Shimpo.=3DA0 Nope.=3D0ASomebody else had, but Bailey stayed on line with my=
riend until we (royal "we" here) determined that the=3D0AShimpo needed a ne=
w =3D
black box.=3DA0 We were both very=3D0Aimpressed with Bailey's willingness t=
o he=3D
lp solve the=3D0Aproblem.=3DA0 This is only one example of Bailey going=3DA=
0that =3D
extra mile to help me =3D0Alighten my ignorance at=3D0Aleast a tad.=3D0A=3D=
0AI must=3D
add that Geil, too, once I had their attention=3D0A(and had spoken to Mr. =
il's mom by phone a few=3D0Atimes),=3D0APaul Geil was extremely helpful.=3D=
A0 He =3D
himself delivered=3D0Amy newest Geil gas kiln, bringing along an employee=
o help with installation.From the moment=3DA0Paul got out=3D0Aonto our dese=
rt s=3D
crub acreage, #1 Support Person=3D0Aand I knew we were in good hands.=3DA0 =
answered=3D0Aall of #1's questions which were many.=3DA0 We've never had=
=3D0Aa p=3D
roblem with either of the Geil kilns.... once they=3D0Awere delivered.=3D0A=
o....... distance led me to Geil over Bailey in this=3D0Ainitial purchase o=
f =3D
pottery equipment.=3DA0 From which=3D0Acompany would I order next time?=3DA=
0 Read=3D
the=3D0Aabove.=3DA0 It's a toss-up.=3DA0 I'd be confident that either=3D0A=
choice w=3D
ould be a happy one.=3DA0 Truth is that I'd=3D0Aprobably try Arnold next ti=
.... simply because=3D0Ahe's a good man..... patient...... honest.... under=
anding=3D0Aof the ways of potters.=3DA0=3DA0It's an electric kiln that I=3D=
0Ahave i=3D
n mind this time to replace my oldish Cress.=3D0A=3D0A=3D0AJoyce=3D0AIn the=
Mojave =3D
Desert of California U.S.A.=3D0A=3D0A=3DA0=3D0A=3D0A=3D0A=3D0A_____________=
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s : =3D
Geil or Bailey?=3D0A=3D0Aasking this for a friend who has to make a quick d=
ion. you can email me=3D0Aofflist if you like.=3D0Ashe's getting back to me=
on =3D
the SF, but in=3DA0 general, for a large gas kiln,=3D0Ais a Geil worth the =
a $$. would like to hear from those with=3DA0 experience=3D0Awith regard to=
tomer service, support, durability (classroom situation),=3D0Adependibility=
, =3D
etc. etc.=3D0A=3D0AStephani Stephenson=3D0Arevivalsteph at