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texas 2011- canadian bacon

updated wed 25 may 11


Overall's on mon 23 may 11

Hey Tony,

I'll miss you and Gay, also.
You two give a great workshop and are a lot of fun.

Teach 'em well and bring some pots and dvd's to sell.

Here's hoping to c'y'all soon...

Kim in Houston

tony clennell on mon 23 may 11

Good to hear everyone already making plans for Texas and a bit of
catfish fishing with Taylor. I'm in Texas next month doing a workshop
in Castroville( hope they have Cuban cigars) and I am delighted to
being joined by old time Clayart friends Gay Judson and Taylor
Hendrix. Hey Gay can I stay with you and Jim on Thursday night when I
fly in to San Antone? I need some more of your son Ben's postcards. I
do luv them! Donald Duck's Christmas was a fav.
I was going to try to meet up with David Hendley in Greune, Texas for
some music but I only have the Monday after the workshop so I am
hoping that Gay and I can hang out and go to that great museum in San
I fly out Tuesday at noon since I have this awesome new summer job
teaching at Ontario College of Art and Design so I need to get back to
whip them into shape.
Taylor says there is a great Inn in Castroville. Let's do double
glueton, double bacon, double southern BBQ and double bourbon on
Saturday night. Hell, I'm in Texas!
Congrats to Vicki Hardin for the brush making workshop in Peter's
Valley and Kim Overall I'll miss you. Had to laugh that your church
members have a gun preference. Holy shitskie, only in the south.
Taylor your homework assignment is to start eating bacon. I need ya to
have some muscle on those bones.