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john's book, ron and john's book, etc

updated mon 16 may 11


Richard Aerni on sun 15 may 11

We have multiple copies of both books in my studio, and they are often =3D
used. In fact, I would say that along with Val Cushing's workbook, =3D
those are the three most used texts. All have great info, not only =3D
recipes, but also the whys and wherefores...which are important to =3D
potters wanting to take things further than just the first test.

I don't think it's Ron and John's book, more my clay problems, but I've =3D
been dabbling in firing to cone 6 ox in the past few months and find the =
results very intrigueing.

Off to flog my pots at the Public Market in the rain!

Richard Aerni
Rochester, NY