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kids and divergent thinking

updated wed 4 may 11


John Post on tue 3 may 11

Today I was passing out paint brushes to kindergarten kids who were
getting ready to paint still life paintings of flowers in a vase. The
brushes were wet so as they landed on the tables, little sprinkles of
water were getting onto some of their papers. "Mr. Post there's water
on my paper now." To which I reply, "Don't worry it will dry, paper
dries, clothes dry, everything on Earth dries." To which Amy responds
"What about water?"

It cracks me up when their logic is more brilliant than my explanations.

In my afternoon kindergarten class they were working on Majolica
flower tiles. They could either make a sphere or a small cup for the
center of their flower and then they made tapering cylinders for the
petals. When Andrew brought his up, the little cup at the center of
his flower had a tiny loop on it. When I asked him what it was, he
said "It's the handle for the little cup you had us make, and the
flower is the saucer". I loved the idea. Next year the kids will
make slightly larger cups than Andrew's so they can drink out of them,
but we'll still make them so they sit on a flower saucer.

Kid brains at work. That's why I like teaching at the elementary level.

The kids have probably just had the best two days of their lives at my
school this week. Both xerox machines have been broken since Friday.

John Post
Sterling Heights, Michigan

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