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tornado, kid is home

updated sun 1 may 11


mel jacobson on sat 30 apr 11

yes, we are among the lucky ones.
she got a flight out of Birmingham yesterday.
and, typical young women...`no big deal grandpa,
i was safe.` she walked 16th st near the campus.
total destruction. her eyes got really big.

about a hundred kids watched the entire event with
their backs to the door to the basement of the dorm.
they just had to see it.
she was safe.

thanks for all the kind notes...but, we
are more concerned for the many. god, it does
break your heart.
and, i bet there will be tornadoes and hurricanes
next year tooo, and for thousands of years to come.
only fools and arrogant people think they control
make a list of all the hoaxes that have
been spread by humans. it is long.

from: minnetonka, mn
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Kathy Forer on sat 30 apr 11

On Apr 30, 2011, at 10:22 AM, mel jacobson wrote:

> only fools and arrogant people think they control
> nature.

There's an immense spread between controlling nature and influencing immedi=
te local environment and by industrial expansion, the earth's greater local=

It's easy to see how rivers and lakes become polluted, or fields turn to du=
t bowls, harder to conceive that humans could impact the vast oceans or see=
ingly imperturbable polar ice caps. Yet this is quite a small planet whose =
nhabitants are fully capable of wreaking mass destructive havoc or being th=
ughtful caretakers and shepherds.=3D20

Nature is protean and mighty but the forces that make up the earth's small =
cosystem rely on a delicate balance to maintain life. The earth and nature =
ill go on happily without life until the end of time, or the next big bang =
ycle (as some theorize an endless succession of universes), but we need our=
lanet "just so" to maintain optimum conditions for all people and animals.=

Unless industrial pollution has influenced wetter conditions which are a fa=
tor in tornadoes, they seem entirely natural phenomena.=3D20

I thought this was a pretty good article on our inability to forecast the w=
ather. It addresses the question "what is a natural act of God and what is =
ore correctly the province of humans themselves?"

Kathy Forer