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frit expansion data

updated tue 20 jan 98


George Mackie on sun 18 jan 98

Can someone please direct me to a source of information on the expansion
coefficients of various frits. TIA George

GURUSHAKTI on mon 19 jan 98

Dear George:

If you just type the formula for the frit into one of the glaze softwares,
like Tony Hansens, IMC, you can get those figures very easily. Either that or
call Ferro,etc. and see if they have a spec sheet.

I think they stopped giving out their formulas some time ago though;, but if
you just need the expansion info they may provide that.

Many of the glaze software programs have frit formulas in them. If you have
some odd ones that may not be in there, I for one and I'm sure many of us here
on Clayart, have some of those old sheets and can share some of the formulas
with you.