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salt kilns part 2

updated sat 23 apr 11


mel jacobson on fri 22 apr 11

i have attached a photo on my clayart webpage, click below.

it is a pix of an african woman potter, sitting in the dirt, making
a massive hand.
she is one of those many unknown potters that are a part
of our incredible history.

she fires with bundles a dry grass.

this pix came from a story in national geographic maybe
1966 or so. it was not about potters, but about
african life.

read what i did with this pix on the website.
(some have seen this before...but it is in keeping
with what i taught, my teaching philosophy, and about new systems
and bully ideas.) you all know and have experienced...`hey, we
only do it our way, we invented this system, and you damn well
better respect and copy it.` and that may come from the seat
of open, respected, free ideas, learning...ha, you betcha.
from: minnetonka, mn
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