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curmudgeonly thoughts on packing, vermiculite

updated fri 8 apr 11


Stephani Stephenson on wed 6 apr 11

yes you are right lili , re: indiscrimintate use of organic materials. Mi=
have been ok in the day when you packed up the oxcart for a trip over hi=
and dale, but no longer. Not only can the veggie material bring unwanted
seed material and fungus along, but it can harbor insects and critters wh=
can do damage if introduced in the wrong place at the wrong time . I was=
brainstorming and musing and had my tongue in cheek ,if not foot in mout=
h a
bit on that one...=3D20
Most organic packing materials along with herbs, etc. are sprayed at po=
of entry or exit... and if one is using such packing materials , some so=
of sterilization of material would definitely be required .

vast acreages of spotted knapweed, russian thistle and most of our roads=
flora prove that all throughout history our ancestors provided transpor=
for little stowaways as they were draggin their wagons across the globe, =
that continues today.

all the best!

Lili Krakowski on wed 6 apr 11

As impressed as I am by good intentions the idea of using reeds, =3D
grasses, other plants as packing materials is not a good one.

A particularly nasty type of yellow jacket was introduced to this =3D
country by excelsior (shredded wood) from Germany. Unless you can be =3D
sure you are not getting bugs or larva or bug eggs into your packing, =3D
avoid grasses etc.

Those cardboard egg cartons are great for all sort of packing.=3D20

As to vermiculite. I tried to get some for my garden a few years back, =3D
was told it no longer is for sale in NY State...apparently it contains =3D
something that is a carcinogen....Do not know about your state...

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage