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shipping from acers

updated wed 6 apr 11


Liz Gowen 1 on mon 4 apr 11

I don't wish to bad mouth the American ceramic society but I am having
trouble with their shipping charges. I ordered 2 DVD"s via the web, on marc=
26, after seeing the exerpt of them on ceramic art daily. I find this a ver=
usefull tool to help decide if I might like the dvd. Shipping is supposed t=
be free when you order online but I opted for priority mail since I needed
it by the following Sat.April 2. It arrived today, April 4, the envilope
says it was mailed 1st class instead of priority, The 2 dvd's were in the
same envelope with 1.90 in postage paid. I was charged 3.97 for 1 and 3.98
for the other which is double priority. I called to try to get this cleared
up and someone named Steve argued that I received it in a timely manner and
that 1st class was faster than priority. It is NOT, which is why priority
cost more. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he got back on the phone an=
said he couldn't find them.
I spoke to 2 folks from Acers in person last year, at NCECA, about
the double billing of postage and was told they use an outside company to
handle the sales from acers. Does anyone else object to double billing of
postage when 1 envelope is used to send 2 items now to top it off the
postage on the envelope was 1.90 first class instead of the priority amt
paid. To top it off if sent 1st class it is supposed to be free if ordered
online. Perhaps as a group we could get this practice changed. I had a
similar problem with seeds of change charging postage for each pack of
seeds. I stopped buying from them, it has now changed to 1 price per packag=
mailed so others objected as well. I will stop buying from ACERS and return
these and buy directly from the artist in the future.....Liz Gowen