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facebook privacy

updated tue 5 apr 11


Lisa Elbertsen on sun 3 apr 11

Just an FYI for those of you not familiar (or comfortable) with Facebook an=
how to protect your privacy:

FacebookR privacy 101

Facebook's privacy controls give its millions of users the power to decide
what and how much to share. Here are a few ways you can maintain your
Facebook privacy while still enjoying the benefits of belonging to the
world's fastest growing online social network.

Use Your Friend Lists
Using friend lists is very useful for organizing your friends. You can
configure your friend lists by visiting the friends area of Facebook
. Three important things to remember
about friends lists:

. You can add each friend to more than one friend group.

. Friend groups should be used like "tags" as used elsewhere around
the Web.

. Friend lists can have specific privacy policies applied to them.

Remove yourself from search results
If you would rather not appear in search results, like GoogleT, you can
easily turn off your public visibility by:

. Visiting Choose Your Privacy Settings

. Selecting "Edit your settings" under Applications and Websites.

. Clicking "Edit Settings" next to 'Public search'.

. Unchecking the box next to 'Enable public search'.

Avoid embarrassing photo/video tags
To prevent a tagged photo or video from showing up in your friends news

. Visit your profile privacy page
and modify the setting ne=
to "Photos Tagged of You".

. Select the "Customize settings" option.

. Next to "Photos and videos I'm tagged in" select the option "Only
Me" and then "None of My Networks" if you want to keep all tagged photos
private. To make tagged photos visible to certain users, you can add them
under the "Some Friends" option.

Protect Your Albums
Don't want all of your photo albums to be visible to everyone? You can
manually configure the visibility of each album on a photos privacy page
. This way you can store y=
photos indefinitely on Facebook, yet ensure that only certain people can
view your photos.

Make Contact Information Private
You can restrict who can see your profile information (phone number, email
or address) in one of two ways:

. Visiting the contact privacy settings page and customizing the
contact settings. For each contact item, you should set custom privacy
settings so that more casual contacts don't have access to your email and
phone number.

. Clicking on the "Info" tab in your profile and scrolling down to
the contact information section. Once you mouse over the contact area,
you'll have the option of editing the content.