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updated sat 2 apr 11


John Hesselberth on fri 1 apr 11

Hi Everyone,

My wife (a fiber artist) and I are cleaning out a bit. We have some back =
issues of CM, CT, PMI, Threads, and Handwoven some of which go back to =3D
1985. We would love to see them go to art teachers who can put them to =3D
good use. Here's the deal: =3D20

We will ship a 2 inch stack of one of the above by Media Mail at our =3D
cost to the first art teachers requesting them. Give us a priority list =3D
of which you would like and we will respond with what is coming. Media =3D
Mail can take a week or two and it may be a week or so before they get =3D
to the Post Office so please be patient.

And please, please send your request to me at =

Do NOT clutter up the whole list with these messages. We have enough =3D
issues for at least a dozen boxes; however they will probably go fast. =3D
The last time we did this they just lasted one or two days.