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overfiring cone 6 clay

updated sun 18 jan 98


Alison Hamilton on sat 17 jan 98

> Thank you so much everyone who replied both on and off this forum to
> my enquiry about overfiring my clay.

Although I have responded to a couple of other enquiries on the list, I
must say it was really neat to be on the receiving end and see the list
in action!! It was quite instructive and I will be following up on the
recommendations, such as putting other cones on the shelves to see what
they are actually firing at.

It was also neat to see the stream of consciousness of how this thread
changed into another thread. One person responded by talking about how
overfiring can cause brittleness which led to someone else talking about
plates cracking with normal use which I believe led to the thread about
microwaving and was that harmful to pottery (which was also quite a
fascinating discussion).

I have gotten lots of great ideas from all of you "somewhere out there
in cyberspace" and I was encouraged enough on the handles *%@! to try to
return to making some. I think my pulling is okay, it's the bloody
attaching that's my problem! Maybe after 500 handles, I just won't care
anymore . . .

Thanks again, everyone,
Alison Hamilton