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kiln available northern illinois

updated sat 19 mar 11


Rimas VisGirda on fri 18 mar 11

I got the following from my friend Katy Rush in Florida. Her kiln is locate=
d in the Rockford Northern Illinois area. Anyone interested in this kiln pl=
ease contact her directly.

Katy Rush

She wrote:

I am visiting Illinois next week on a mission to empty my storage from my p=
arent's barn. I have a kiln that is in very good shape that needs a good ho=
me. I am firing work with a friend down here in FL and don't want to take o=
n the expense of moving it when I am making do without successfully. Let me=
know if you know of someone interested in the kiln. It is a skutt, larger =
than a test size, smaller than school size, just right for most artists.