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fwd: melted kiln sitter

updated thu 10 mar 11


Hank Murrow on wed 9 mar 11

Dear Vince;

The writer holds with the Harvard School of Business that nothing should =
be repaired, only replaced. This of course heavily discounts the actual =3D
educational value that would acrue to someone who went through the =3D
process you described, educating themselves, and therfore becoming a =3D
reservoir of understanding valuable to both themselves and society. =3D
Admiral Nimitz, however, would applaud your position; because he seldom =3D
accepted Business School grads in his Nuclear Navy....... they just =3D
couldn't contribute anything useful to the Navy. He accepted mostly =3D
Engineering grads. Of course, Paul Gerhold may be speaking 'tongue in =3D
cheek'........ I do hope so.

Good on you mate! Hank in Eugene

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> From: paul gerhold
> Date: March 9, 2011 7:01:29 AM PST
> Subject: Re: Melted kiln sitter
> Reply-To: paul gerhold
> Vince
> Your problem is just that you are not young enough to be part of the =3D
> is no object, replace the whole unit society. People who take things =
> and spend time to do repairs are just plain obsolete.