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sieve or not sieve

updated sat 17 jan 98


Linda Blossom on fri 16 jan 98

There is one thought I have on this. If you add cmc or veegum to the dry
batch, you do have to sieve when you mix it with water. I do it once
through an 80 mesh. These ingredients, if not sieved, will cause the glaze
to crawl badly. This may be changed by mixing the veegum or cmc with water
and then adding the water. The mix though would have to be well mixed,
probably in a blender. Also, cobalt and copper? When I sieve these, the
little streaks on the sieve tell me that my electric hand mixer did not
break these up and blend in well. Any thoughts on this, Vince?

Linda Blossom
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From: Vince Pitelka
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Date: Friday, January 16, 1998 9:15 AM
Subject: Re: Sieves

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>Then, finally -- it dawned on me that I had probably been straining a lot
>of the character out of many of my glazes for a terribly long time, and I
>began to experiment with using (a) very coarse sieves and/or (b) mechanical
>turbo-mixers (like a Braun hand mixer and/or drill-mounted paint mixers).
>My glazes work just as fine or better than ever, and frankly glaze making
>is much more fun than it's ever been.
>I still religiously sieve celedons and some liners (whites and clears).
>But for the majority of my color glazes, I want to see some character

I agree with Ellen Baker here. Initially I was taught to screen glazes
thoroughly, but long ago I started mixing my glazes VERY thoroughly with a
drill-mounted jiffy mixer, screening them only if there were troublesome
ingredients which need to be broken up mechanically. I do not see the
advantage of homogenizing particle size by forcing the glaze through an 80
to 100 mesh screen.
- Vince

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