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{diy monday} a simple clay sink trap design - thanks!

updated thu 24 feb 11


May Luk on tue 22 feb 11

Thanks to everybody who send in their comments and suggestions.

Ric Swenson sent me a scan of his design. You probably have read "An
Inexpensive Studio Sink Trap" in Ceramics Monthly, (Page 33 , December

A Flickr contact sent in this link of the double bucket system:

Fred Paget made the prototype from my drawing yesterday and here are the pi=

And I am still working on the drawing (V.4)

It's been great. Thanks for indulging me.

Brooklyn NY

On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 1:09 PM, Steve Mills
> I use a 2 bucket system; a large size bucket with an outlet near the top =
with a smaller one sitting on a brick inside it.
> Waste water goes into the smaller one where the heavy stuff settles, over=
flows into the larger one, then flows thro' the outlet to waste.
> Very simple cheap and effective.
> Steve M
> Steve Mills
> Bath
> UK
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> On 21 Feb 2011, at 16:35, May Luk wrote:
>> Hello all;
>> I have a studio without water at the back of a carriage house. There
>> is a regular bathroom at the front I can use. (ie; no work room sink,
>> but a small bathroom sink plus a bathtub) This bathroom is only for
>> the studio workers and I think I am the only one using it. For the
>> time being I am using the toilet to throw out my dirty water. The
>> potter who has been doing this for ten years and there is no sewage
>> problem (yet)
>> I have been thinking about the sink trap, as I used to have it in
>> other studios and it just make me feel better about my water usage.
>> This morning I have finally come up with a simple design for under 10
>> dollars. This is to be placed inside the bathtub where nobody takes a
>> shower anymore.
>> Can you check that if there's any logistic problem with this? It's
>> really just a lidded bucket with a plastic tube glued to the side. I
>> will be scoping out the sediments and throw them out.
>> Your suggestions comments are most welcome
>> May
>> Brooklyn NY
>> --