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fastfire kiln

updated sat 19 feb 11


mel jacobson on fri 18 feb 11

thanks nils for showing your kiln, with the stack inside.

one thing that i know for a fact....if anyone can tell the
difference in the surface of glaze, cone 10 reduction...copper red,
shino, celedon, temmoku. from nils fast fire kiln....let me hear about it.
it fires perfect glazes. solid pots.

when we fire our small flat top at the farm in four hours, we get
wonderful glaze fired results. in fact, some `great` pots come from
that kiln.
kurt wild, bob anderson, mel, tim frederich, andy K, larron lerdahl, kevin,
and our own kerry brooks and dawn and colleen riley. and many more
have taken prize winning pots from that kiln., i must admit,
we do down fire. take the kiln to about 1900F and hold for an hour.
one burner, on a 1/4th. we do slow the cooling. fire as fast as
we can, and slow down the cooling as best we can.

if we are firing lots of red, as nils does, we down fire again at 1700F
to make sure the red gets several chances at slow cooling. then
the reds burst forth.

it so interesting to see new ideas on kilns and firing here on clayart.
fred olson is coming out with a new book this will be interesti=
to see what he has come up with...always new ideas.

from: minnetonka, mn
clayart link:
new book:

Tom Gordon on fri 18 feb 11

I'm wondering........ how small is the firing chamber is that flat top?