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wire rabbit's kiln

updated fri 18 feb 11


mel jacobson on thu 17 feb 11

anyone that makes a kiln, any kiln, takes charge of their
life as a potter has my vote. it will be, what it will be, and
you will enjoy the process.

both nils lou and donovan palmquist have designed kilns
with the stack/
flue inside the kiln chamber.

and, without question hank's doorless kiln is one of the
finest kilns in the world.
we did not show it in the book, it is just too much for
novice kiln builders. it is on the outer edge.

thank goodness i have been to hank's home, seen the kiln
and understand it. it has a huge `WOW` factor.
(as does hank. a great guy, for sure.)
from: minnetonka, mn
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