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still the kiln conversion

updated fri 18 feb 11


Taylor Hendrix on thu 17 feb 11

Hey Hank and others

Hank, I noticed that the link on your website to the magazine article
about your doorless fiber kiln is out of date. You may want to check
that out. I was of course looking to see how you had your kiln's flue.
I suppose I'd forgotten that your kiln design was an up draft (judging
from the pictures). I don't have my copy of the article handy so I may
be mistaken even in that.

I've been thinking about the electric kiln conversion for my low fire
work, a kiln that would also reach cone 4/5/6 so I could experiment
with glazes as well. I really like the swirl of flames I get when I
aim a burner to follow the circumference of a circular kiln wall. I'm
toying with an two obliquely opposed burners firing horizontally into
the chamber at floor height, but that precludes placing a stack inside
, up the chamber wall, ruining the circle, and I'm not sure it would
work to have an exit at floor level in the wall at some point but it
may be worth a try. So, it seems I may need to fashion either a
central stack of some kind inside the chamber (gasses up, around, and
down the pipe), a flue in the center of the floor (more paths for
gasses to exit-short circuit?), or...ta da!...back to the updraft.
What are folks thoughts? Isn't there a great graphic of a salt kiln in
H&H showing the swirling of fumes? That is what I am picturing -- sort
of -- ish.

And yes, thank you all for reminding me that Simon has great videos on
youtube, including several of his kiln conversion that I had not seen

Mel, I doubt this is going to be the last kiln I build, but I have the
materials, so shouldn't let them go to waste. CIITM

Taylor, in Rockport TX
wirerabbit1 on Skype (-0600 UTC)