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home sales ideas

updated fri 18 feb 11


monkeymind88@COMCAST.NET on thu 17 feb 11

>Hello Claybuds; This June I am hoping to have a sale from our home
>and studio along with 3-4 other potters and a weaver. One of the
>plans is to have a food element like pizza from our woodburning oven
>and pastries etc. I have a home pro kitchen and all the health
>qualifications from my career as a baker so that is covered but I
>wonder about any promotion ideas, tricks and the like for bringing
>in customers from the highway. We are about 10 minutes from 2 hwy's
>to the east and west of us. I realize we will need direction signs,
>and flyers and the regular stuff but does anyone have any good
>advice besides making sure there is good work to sell? We hope to
>grow this into a small studio tour/moveable feast, so far all the
>tours in this area are in the fall.
>I am really quite looking forward to this. Cheers, Birgit

Baked bread, handmade tableware, handwoven fabrics =3D a warm and
fuzzy, inviting, home and hearth image comes to mind.

I don't know if that's the angle you want to chase, but that's the
first picture I get.

Another: Selling the bread and the pottery it was baked in. Maybe
include the recipe too?? Let's face it--the first people who are
going to turn into your place are women.

You'll get men if you promise free hot rolls or something. Pitch
sales for me that include buying something for their women.

How far are you from the nearest towns? You'll have to promote events
to pull people from there.

Jeanette Harris in Poulsbo WA