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james, salt pile show

updated tue 15 feb 11


mel jacobson on mon 14 feb 11

what is more tired, old, and worthless than
the 24 garbage cans arranged in rows in a gallery, a pile of bricks
and now a load of salt. pardon my 1960's.

derive, derivative, old, worn out, do it again sam,
over and over....and they think it is original thought.
`profs will wilt under their intellectual she-nan-e gans.`
it is not intelligent, intellectual, or smart. do something
else please. show some skill at least.

it is like children....put three kids in a room, two toys.
that is all.
i will show you a fight, clawing, mean as hell, viscous and
the marcus- de- sod re-born. those that think they
can fool us being as children are fools. kids are tough and
mean and selfish. it is in their nature. artists that think they
are children
can be the same. foolish.

i am a grown up, i get it. i have seen it over and over and over
and over and it is as old as moss.

to be free and playful in your investigation of art is needed
and exciting. but that is always coupled with adult intellectual
experimentation. it is exercise. the brain grows. you memorize
inside what you experience during play. it then becomes a part
of your being.

it is like being on an ocean beach, a big stick in your hand,
you draw, you make marks, you experiment with sand art...and
then the tide comes in, marks are gone forever....but, you
have made those marks in your head, they translate to your drawing
board or canvas. it just may become a wonderful new painting.
the play triggered an adult/artistic response. put the salt on
an icy road, it may save someone from a crash.
or, put it in a salt kiln. make something of value.

and the guests that say...`oh, wonderful, gutsy, edgy, what
courage`, are full of crap too.

from: minnetonka, mn
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