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another shameless self promotion

updated tue 15 feb 11


bill lee on mon 14 feb 11

February 15, 2010
For immediate releaseSinging Stone Gallery=3D20
=3D0A presents:
=3D0A Meet the Artist=3D0ABill Lee=3D0ACeramic Artist
Saturday, April 2, 2011
=3D0A 11 am - 3:00 pm
=3DC2=3DA0 =3DC2=3DA0=3D20
=3D0A =3DC2=3DA0 =3DC2=3DA0=3DC2=3DA0 =3DC2=3DA0=3D0ABill=3D0A Lee's work i=
s currently on exhibit=3D
at Singing Stone Gallery. The =3D0Aexhibit is a sample of his current work=
, =3D
which is the result of almost =3D0Athirty years development.=3DC2=3DA0The p=
is not thrown on the potter=3DE2=3D80=3D99s =3D0Awheel, but is hand formed=
from th=3D
in sheets of clay.=3DC2=3DA0 A mechanical slab =3D0Aroller is used to produ=
ce she=3D
ets of uniform thickness. The technique is =3D0Acalled slab construction. L=
develops template prototypes with paper =3D0Aand scissors and cut out shap=
pieces of clay. These are assembled by =3D0Ahand and altered to create the=
-d form. =3DC2=3DA0Bill uses earthenware clay, =3D0Awhich fires at a lower =
ature than stoneware or porcelain.=3DC2=3DA0 The =3D0Acommercial glazes are=
ed on in overlapping layers, and then fired =3D0Ato cone 06 in an electric =
ln (about 1850 degrees F). Come meet Bill =3D0Aand see more amazing functio=
l artwork.Singing=3D0A Stone owners, Dan and Nataly Balk, are proud to have=
im Parker a part =3D0Aof their 30+ local, regional, and international artis=
currently on =3D0Adisplay in their gallery. The gallery offers handmade de=
gner jewelry, eclectic contemporary craft and fine art.
The Meet the Artist event will be held at The Singing Stone Gallery on 8th=
Ave.=3DC2=3DA0and 19th St in Ybor City at 1903 N. 19 St., Tampa, FL 33605.=
ission & Parking are Free.
For more information, call (813) 247-2787 (ARTS) or visit www.SingingStone=
Online.Com.=3DC2=3DA0=3D0AContact: Nataly Balk
=3D0A Email:=3DC2=3DA0SingingStoneArt @Gmail.Com=3D0A=3D0A=3D0A=3D0A