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credit cards, now layaway

updated thu 10 feb 11


Stephani Stephenson on wed 9 feb 11

i would be real hesitant to get into layaway, unless there were clear gro=
rules as to how long you will keep it and what happens if you reach that=

date and the work has not been paid for in entirety.
You can easily end up with half paid for orphans for months and months, i=
not years.
then you end up having to nag the purchaser about it, and that's no fun=
at also have to keep the orphans on hand and organized so you can
produce them if and when the person does show up for them.
Sometimes people disappear, sometimes they say things but don't follow
through, sometimes they go broke or have real hardships and there you sit=

with the work that was once wanted. because it is partially paid for you=

can't re-sell it unless you are pretty clear with the person what happene=
and why.=3D20
Of course this won't happen all the time, but i think percentage wise, it=
enough of a percentage that you would want to think hard about it.

of course commission work and custom work is a variation of 'layaway', o=
you call it=3D20
50% down ,and 50% upon completion. and really what you do in that case i=
work with a contract, or at least with clear invoicing and terms.