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pink glaze ^6 ox

updated wed 9 feb 11


Marcia Selsor on tue 8 feb 11

Dear Elayne,
Good luck with your project. I forgot to mention this is ^6 oxidation.

My mother is a breast cancer survivor of more than 55 years.
Here is a glaze that Ron Roy gave to Sue Hintz many years ago on =3D
It works well with crimson and pink stains. I have used it with Crimson =3D
stain with good results.
You'll have to test for % of pink stain. Great glaze, smooth and not =3D

Ron Roy /Sue Hintz Version 2
Cornwall Stone 33.5
G-200 Spar 22
whiting 18
Gerstley Borate 10
EPK 5.5
Silica 11

Add Bentonite 2%
On Feb 8, 2011, at 11:20 AM, Elayne Baker wrote:

> Hi! I am planning to sell mugs to raise money for my 3 day breast =3D
> awareness walk in the fall. Anyone know of a good, dependable cone 6 =3D
> glaze?? =3D20
> Thanks in advance!

Marcia Selsor