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highwater clays and mastering cone 6 glazes?

updated mon 31 jan 11


Bruce Ciske on sat 29 jan 11

I've used Highwater's Little Loafers, Buncombe White, and Red Rock with=3D2=

several MC6 glazes (Licorice, Raspberry, Bright Sky Blue, Varigated Slate=
Spearmint, Caribbean Sea Green, Raw Sienna) with no problems -- bisque to=
05 and electric fire oxidation to cone 6. You may find Little Loafers to=
more the consistency/plasticity of B-Mix. I use Buncombe White mostly fo=
handbuilding -- it has a bit more tooth than Little Loafers -- although i=
t also=3D20
throws well. All three have low absorption rates at cone 6; the shrinkag=
e rate=3D20
also seems a bit lower than most other stonewares.

Miri Hardy on sat 29 jan 11

Hi all,
I'm considering a clay body switchover as I'm having issues with Laguna's=
(major inconsistencies from batch to batch, bits that don't burn out).=3D20=

Of course I'm planning on doing my own testing but I'm wondering if anyon=
e has=3D20
first hand experience using Highwater Clays with the 'Mastering Cone 6' g=
I'm especially interested in light clay bodies (e.g., Buncombe White and =

Thanks in advance for any insights you can share!

All the best,

Miri in PR


Fred Parker on sun 30 jan 11

I use Little Loafers, among other (non white) Highwater clays and have ha=
very good results with the MC6G I use. I'm a BIG Highwater fan...

To be fair, I used to use "B" Mix before changing to Highwater. I never =
a problem that I could associate with it. I still use it for slip coatin=

Fred Parker