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labeling kilns/story

updated fri 28 jan 11


mel jacobson on thu 27 jan 11

we have a semi-chapter in our new book about
labeling kilns.
yes, make your own.

one of our senior potters that builds
kilns went to a bowling trophy store
and had a bronze plaque made:

"This kiln has been inspected
for all STANDARDS of kiln

and, it has those standards of safety.
baso valves, quality pilot lights, quality
piping to the specifications of the law. a perfect
stack system. totally safe.
and, this potter knows more about kiln safety
than any inspector in his area.

but, the label just makes it some sort of a perfect
it is amazing how inspectors love labels.
put one on your kiln.

it is not cheating, it is not making fun
of anyone. it is just a label, made of bronze
that indicates you have inspected your own
kiln and know it is safe.

so, you put a bronze plaque on your kiln.
good for you.

but, it is like the old Shakespearean saga...
"if you bring a cannon on stage, make sure
you blow it off." much of life is about
what people perceive.*
* Sir Tyrone Guthrie in person at my
advanced acting and directing class, University Of Minnesota,
like 1960. yes, i have a minor in speech, theatre and directing.
and, an almost major in sociology and philosophy. i have a great
many credits at the University of Minnesota. then one day i found

i also experienced a wonderful acting experience:

At the University there would be wonderful programs for students
and staff. I went to a presentation and reading by the great actor
Charles Laughton. At the half way point of his program he did a
reading of the Lord's Prayer. It was amazing. he bowed, and the
audience erupted in applause. He puffed up, raised his arms and
screamed..."Thou shalt not defame the Lord's Word with applause."
The entire audience almost fell to the floor, ducked down..and the
house was as still as could be. He then said, "that was a dramatic
moment, that every actor would wish to have happen, you may sit
up now, and take a break." That was total control of his audience
and he knew it. He walked off the stage with a huge smile on his
face...of course he had planned the entire moment. I had to rush
to the toilet and clean my undies.

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