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potter's stools and more...

updated sun 23 jan 11


Nils Lou on sat 22 jan 11

cheap and adjustable are the plastic stools made for
showers=3D97about $18 at Lowes or Home Depot. Caveat is they
break if abused, but if cared for work pretty well.

Tiger Mom's approach to raising her kids is a symptom of=3D20
our degrading educational system where we are cranking out
"learned" instead of "learning" students. standardized tests
that sort out teachers rather than students forcing them to teach
the test so they can keep their jobs. focusing on grades is ignoring
the essence of learning. as kelly so eloquently said she wants her kids =3D
be human beings with a social conscience (paraphrased). that anyone
thinks the tiger mom's kids are going to "kick our butt" is sorely
wrong. just look at so many innovators, inventors who have become
captains of industry having survived their education collecting "C's"
along the way. I'd wager there is an inverse proportion of success and=3D20
"straight A's".

as for best grandson thinks I am the best potter in the=3D20
neighborhood. he is right of course as the nearest neighbor is a=3D20
mile away--and is not a potter.
"Play is the essence of creativity", and
"What is not brought forward into consciousness....
we later call Fate", Carl Jung