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inexpensive tools teachers can make for kids

updated fri 21 jan 11


John Post on thu 20 jan 11

I've uploaded pics of two clay tools I use with my elementary
students. The links are below.

One tool is our version of a pin tool made with a popsicle stick and a
paper clip. For little kids I prefer the paper clip version of this
pin tool over the ones you can buy commercially because they are not
as pointy.

The other tool is a loop tool I made by drilling a hole in a dowel and
using epoxy to hold a small loop of wire in place at the end of it.
The reason I painted the loop tools bright green is so that they
really pop-out visually when they end up on the floor (which is where
many of the tools spend a good portion of their time until we clean-up).

John Post
Sterling Heights, Michigan

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