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updated wed 14 jan 98


Joyce Lee on tue 13 jan 98

I do believe I'm closing in on handles. Not there, of course; may I
never be completely "there." I've received dozens of suggestions, many
humorous, some irreverent (thank God for irreverence!), but each of
which had something new to offer, thus clearing my path to the Realm of
Great, Simple, Not Tacky, Not Prissy, Pulled handles... which must be
conquered before hope of gaining access to the Royal Gates of Mugdom. As
mentioned earlier, Mel's sketches offered even clearer insight. And have Bill's post about Jepson's video, which demonstrates
"pulled handles"!! A tape which I ALREADY own! I just reviewed the tape
as I nordic-tracked about and viola! pierna de un cabo! (I hope that
isn't dirty) with Mel's sketch above my wheel and Jepson's tape on the
VCR as I do my version of "working out," I think the next 50 handles
will be significantly better than the last 50. Soon I'll be adiosing
the Land of Tumblers, to enter that of the slightly more elevated
Tumblers with Handles...... Dare I now dream of the Perfect Rim? Not
too thin, not too thick, not too cute, a rim that rests perfectly on the
lip and allows liquid to be either sipped or to flow evenly, that is
dripless, one rim that does it all for all deserving people??? No, too
soon...too soon...I'll think about it tomorrow, thanks to the kindness
of strangers.

In the Mojave just about smart-mouthed out...I can hear my mama Lucy
calling from the hereafter, "Now that's just about enough of that,
missy, unless you're ready to go pick out a Little, Keen Switch." I
promise. All else about handles will go direct e-mail...and only upon