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updated thu 20 jan 11


Larry Kruzan on wed 19 jan 11

I tried that too but had issues with "out of service" issues. I use Verizon
and have been happy with the coverage - except in very rural areas. There
are reasons I go where cell phones don't always work.

Notes on business follow - Ignore if you choose.

I do a lot of small town gigs - big cities have art everywhere - small town=
appreciate artists who make the effort to visit them. I think that is why
I've sold so many pots, I don't reject the people who work the land. Some
towns I go have never had a real artist visit them. So I show up.

At times, I leave a setting of pottery at the local restaurant where I have
lunch - I pass back through the next month, pick up my money (the pots
always sell) and leave some more, pick up orders, offers to visit schools,
contacts and so on. Builds a 50 radius business - where have we heard about

Always return calls. Be real - these people can spot BS from 100 yards. If
you are not small town - don't act like you are - they will know. No PC cra=
talk - they will NOT buy from you in droves. These folks are hard workers -
they don't like feeding people who won't work.

When they have their annual festival (corn, cherries, etc.) I attend with m=
tents and display and fine art. The town folks welcome you - you don't have
go hat in hand begging to let into the Art Center's BIG SHOW. Entrance fee
is $25-50 not $300-600. Customers come to your tent like old friends not
like people daring you to impress them.

When we go camping I load up a few tubs of pots and head into the nearest
town, find the Mayor/Chief of police (often the same guy) and ask permissio=
to set up for a few hours, they will direct me to a store that might oblige=
I give him a mug - always. Usually the store will ask $20-30 for the day -
plus the manager gets a mug too. I can sell enough pots in a few hours to
pay for all the costs of going camping for the week and make some friends.
The next time I take a bowl and generally don't have to pay for the spot.
The chiefs deputy will show up - just checking - leaves with a mug too sinc=
I carefully noticed how his squad has that ugly Styrofoam cup in the cup

I always check out the meat case while I'm in the store - and tell everybod=
"how good the chops looked today". Word will get to the manager that I was
sending him business - that helps too.

I like small towns. They seem to like me too. I have a notebook full of
places that I've worked this gamut with. It can work for you too, if you tr=
it, if you are honest to yourself and them.

Final thought - $200 mugs would be a loser but 10 $22 mugs a hour is real.

Larry Kruzan
Lost Creek Pottery

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Get Verizon's internet anywhere card that plugs into your laptop and use
Paypal for people to pay you. It means you'll need your laptop and
Verizon's service -- but you'll get paid! (I think it is Verizon -- but
anyway, there are phone companies that offer such an item. My husband
used one)

much love


On 1/19/2011 8:31 AM, CANDACE YOUNG wrote:
Just heard from Chase Paymentech that there will be a minimum $25 fee
per month for credit cards. I don't use mine for 6 months out of the
year. That's a big chunk to give away for the privilege of taking
CCs. What are other folks using to take cards? I already am
convinced that most of my sales are on cards so I need to find another
way. I do a few shows a year and take cards in my studio and on net
sales. Any thoughts?

Candace Young