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what are we selling? now, really,,,

updated mon 17 jan 11


William & Susan Schran User on sun 16 jan 11

On 1/16/11 9:26 AM, "Lili Krakowski" wrote:

> And yes...if there is a great sale of Hanukah menorahs, and elegant dreid=
ls I
> see no reason Christians cannot go enjoy the beauty...And if it is cheap =
> shun it.

When my wife and I owned our gallery, we showed regional 2D original "fine
art" (paintings, drawings, etc.) on consignment (new solo show each month)
and bought "fine crafts" at ACC wholesale and Buyer's Market shows. At both
of these shows there were several artisans selling Judaic oriented crafts.
Never bought from them, it was simply not our market. But they artists woul=
not be there if there were not a market for what they made. Nor was the
thrust of our gallery a Christian theme, though during the holiday season,
we had a big Christmas tree decorated with hand blown glass ornaments and
ornaments made from other materials. Always sold out, that was our market a=
that time of year. We knew our clients, we were in business. We also offere=
free gift wrapping during holidays. Had a Jewish artist/friend help us
select paper appropriate for Hanukah gifts. We bought and displayed what we
thought our clients would want to buy. But we also had a relationship with
the artists, wanted handmade or designed by the artists, made here in the


William "Bill" Schran