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credit card, square

updated mon 17 jan 11


J Motzkin on sun 16 jan 11

I have just begun to use square for live sales, but they say you cannot use
it for phone sales. It seems you should be able to do so, as you can key in
card numbers. Have you used it this way?

So, thus far, I have kept my $3.50/mo paymentech merchant account. I think
the rate ends up being about the same as square or paypal when all is said
and done. If they raise it to a minimum of $25, it will no longer be
viable.This is pretty low volume and periodic retail.
I also use paypal for some on line buttons.

Seems crazy to have to use all three. I would love to have one solution for
all situations, web, phone and swiped. Any ideas?

I too love my htc android (evo) for all it can do. It is the best tool/toy =
have had for a long time. All good but for the time spent playing wordfeud
scrabble with strangers and even that is brain exercise and an outlet for m=
aggressive competitive side ( I rarely lose). But be careful about being a
smart phone snob, there are some who will never, some who cannot, and some
who choose not to go this way for valid reasons.

judy motzkin
studio:7 tufts street
cambridge MA 02139