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credit card processing/ potters council response to the increa=

updated sat 15 jan 11


Marcia Selsor on fri 14 jan 11

se in fees

Dear Paul and others using the Potters Council Members Benefit for =3D
Credit Card Processing. =3D20

At the Potters Council Executive Board meeting today, we discussed this =3D
recent development. A member called Carolyn to question why she =3D
received a letter about increasing the monthly fee. Carolyn was =3D
surprised to hear about this increase. She was not notified of this =3D
increase either in writing or on the phone. I know that she has left =3D
several messages with the contact Jennifer Estrada (chase paymentech) at =
214.849.3308. As of this afternoon, Jennifer has not returned her call. =
Once she hears from her, she will let the membership know what is going =3D
on. Carolyn feels that is an important member benefit, and is working =3D
diligently to resolve this issue.

I hope this answers some questions.=3D20
Marcia Selsor