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teachers - and kilns....

updated thu 13 jan 11


penni stoddart on tue 11 jan 11

The kiln I use in my studio came from a local elementary school. My
ex-sister in law was still on speaking terms with our family and called me
up one day saying that her principal had sent out an email that everything
in the boys change room off the gym had to go. There was a kiln in there an=
did I want it she asked. I asked her what the school wanted for it - how
much? Nothing, just come and get it. Hell yeah!!!!
I was there that afternoon with a neighbour and his pickup. Loaded it in an=
brought it home. Other neighbour works for Hydro One and did the electrical
hook up for me - for a bottle of whiskey. My potter friend who used to buil=
kilns came over and had a look at it for me, helped me clean out the wiring
panel and tighten things up. Showed me how to do it so the next time I coul=
do it on my own (and I have).
I have had it for about 10 years now. Replaced the elements perhaps 2x (I
was mainly a hobby potter up until now). The kiln had barely been fired whe=
I got it - free! There had been a teacher at that school at one time perhap=
who thought it a good idea to have a kiln so the school board bought one.
Then it sat - idle and unused for who knows how long? Now it is living the
dream along with me!!!!

=3Do) =3Do) =3Do) =3Do) =3Do) =3Do)
Penni Stoddart
London, Ont
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