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updated wed 12 jan 11


John Rodgers on tue 11 jan 11

I was cruising Google books tonight for the first time. Did an
advanced search - plugged in "pottery" and date search range from years
1700 to 1900. Up popped an incredible array of pottery books that have
been scanned into PDF files that may be downloaded for personal use. The
scope of this is astounding. I had a field day - downloaded some really
good reference books on history, design, form, methods, glazes,
colorants, etc, etc, etc. This source is a good one if you want to
expand your scope in pottery. Of course a lot has changed. But then
again, a lot has been lost and the knowledge of it is buried in these
old books. I learned a bunch just from reading a book titled "Pottery"
by George Ward Nichols published in 1878. Very interesting.

I recommend Google Books at

John Rodgers
Clayartist and Moldmaker
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