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plastic vitrox cone 10 liner glaze

updated thu 6 jan 11


Ellen Currans on wed 5 jan 11

I've been using a Cone 10 liner glaze (supplied by Brad Schweiger in an
article sometime in 2004) and I love the way it looks on my clay and=3D20
my other glazes. It is also very simple to mix up. It is a creamy,
semigloss and good in both oxidation and reduction. Coffee and tea
do not stain it. It does not craze on my clay.


50% Gerstley Borate
50% Plastic Vitrox
10% zircopax


5 lbs. Gerstley Borate
5 lbs. Plastic Vitrox
l lb zircopax

Ok, so now you are groaning about fickle Gerstley Borate.
I did too when I first mixed it up. This is a glaze that when it sits
thickens and looks like pudding the next time you use it. Do
not add water or anything else. Just mix it again briskly with
whatever you use to remix glazes. I use a battery powered
3/8 's in. drill with a Jiffy mixer. I sometimes just use a wooden
paddle to bring it back into a liquid consistency, and that is
in a 10 gallon bucket.

Ellen Currans
Dundee, Oregon