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mel's book, "pottery: a lifetime"

updated sun 26 dec 10


MEUNIER LEE on sat 25 dec 10

=3D0A=3D0AI just read Tom's post about Mel's book, "Pottery: A Lifetime." =
with many of you, I have so many pottery books that I=3D0Aadore, but the o=
s that are on my nightstand eternally it=3D0Aseems=3DA0are Mel's .....=3DA0=
ell as=3DA0my very first purchase=3D0Aof a pottery book, Robin Hopper's "Ma=
Marks."=3DA0 The=3D0Aother dozens (probably more than=3DA0200 actually, bu=
t who'=3D
s=3D0Acounting.=3DA0 Not I; not today.) ...... are a few steps away from=3D=
0Athe =3D
computer=3DA0 in my ancient bookcases where they sneak off=3D0Ashelves and =
how in the dark of night gather together=3D0A=3DA0in stacks about the house=
Okay with me.=3DA0 I like the look=3D0Aof a Book-Decorated home.=3D0A=3D0A=
I, as di=3D
d Tom, find that the compusion to read "....A Lifetime"=3D0Asends=3DA0me th=
ng through=3DA0looking for=3DA0the threads that are=3D0Afollowed throughout=
, incl=3D
uding the drawing encouragements.=3D0ANo, I don't sketch well and I discove=
d through pottery that=3D0AI don't see all that well either.=3DA0 But my ab=
y to see HAS=3D0Aimproved over the last few years.=3DA0 I am grateful to al=
l of=3D
you=3D0Awho have contributed to my growth.=3D0A=3D0ASometime I'll tell you=
Marcia Selsor's doctoral=3D0Athesis.=3DA0 I have a treasured copy which is=
t in the drawer=3D0Aof my bedside table......... not because it's lesser so=
how.=3D0ANO!=3DA0 You would love it.=3DA0=3DA0 No, it's protected because t=
re so few copies available AND is constantly being picked=3D0Aup by visitor=
s =3D
to my bedroom.=3DA0=3DA0 Not that=3D0Akind of visitor...... but cleaning la=
dies (=3D
bless them!), physical=3D0Atherapist who travels (yea!) and friends who "ru=
n =3D
in" to get=3D0Amy glasses from same bedside table and occasionally=3D0Atake=
yyy too long to return.=3DA0 THEN I can be sure they're=3D0Acaught up in Ma=
's very user-friendly thesis with its many =3D0Adrawings..... that woman ca=
n =3D
indeed SEE!! ..... so=3D0Athese recent days it abides INSIDE the drawer.=3D=
=3D0AMerry Christmas on this holy day to those who feel the same.=3D0AAND a=
s al=3D
ways a wonderful holiday to all who are=3D0Acelebrating their own times, me=
ries, days of historical,=3D0Apersonal or religious significance.=3DA0 =3D0=
yce=3D0AIn the Mojave Desert of California U.S.A. grateful to have the=3D0A=
joy =3D
and privilege of being old.......... no longer simply "older"=3D0A(as if we=
ight be getting "younger" .... =3DA0right! uh huh).=3DA0 Or do=3D0Awe tend =
to say=3D
"getting older" so we can ease into our new=3D0Astatus of Old Age.=3DA0 I =
onally pushed that dividing line =3D0Abetween=3DA0Getting Old and Being Old=
as =3D
long as I could.=3DA0 But,=3D0Ano denying it with the upcoming birthday, I =
made it=3D0Aand I think I'm thrilled........ with such as Bonnie Staffel a=
=3D0ALili the Stalwart sharing my stage, of course I'm thrilled!=3DA0