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yesterday's kiln firing

updated sun 19 dec 10


DJ Brewer on sat 18 dec 10

It is wonderful to learn to paint with heat.

I made a white satin matte recipe and found through testing the perfect
ramp for it. It flows just slightly, so when you brush a wash over it,
with this firing ramp, the mason stain color flows just like on a
watercolor wash drawing! Its great!

I left the bowl exterior bare clay, and painted the leaf print I made
encircling the bowl when it was wet. I used mason stains to get the
autumn leaf hue: golden ambrosia, terra cotta, and sunset mason stain,
and bernard slip (all independent washes -- not mixed together)

I wanted a slightly different hue than white, so I took 3/4 cup of the
white satin matte glaze and put 2 teaspoons of golden ambrosia mason
stain with it. (It was late and I did not feel like mixing up a whole
new batch of the satin matte at that hour, so I just measured the amount
of liquid glaze and used a teaspoon in my studio to measure the mason

Anyway, here is the autumn hued bowl, inside and out.. its a fairly
large salad bowl, though you cant tell from the photo because the leaves
on it are so large

interior of bowl

painting with heat is awesome!

much love to all and Merry Christmas!