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new ^6 reduction glazes

updated sat 18 dec 10


William & Susan Schran User on thu 16 dec 10

I've updated the ^6 reduction page on my web site with 3 new glazes.
We continue testing, most of the testing being done by students on their
Figure if we get fairly consistent results through a variety of application=
on a number of different forms, then we've got a keeper.

Here's the direct link:

As we test other possible class glazes and decide to adopt some as class
glazes, I will post them on my site. If you see any you like and decide to
test, let me know how they work for you. Some of the glazes work equally
well in oxidation. Be sure to print out those you like as they may be
removed as new glazes are adopted.


William "Bill" Schran

William Lucius on fri 17 dec 10

What a marvelous way to present glaze formulas! Seeing the tests in living=
color makes the glazes mouthwatering. When I finally get back to pottery =
I plan to mix up several of those to see how they work on my various cone 6=
clay bodies. I look forward to further exploration of the entire website.=

William A. Lucius=3D2C Ph.D.
Board President and Director
Institute for Archaeological Ceramic Research (IACR)