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internet and first solo show

updated fri 17 dec 10


Dinah Snipes Steveni on thu 16 dec 10

I found more useful technical information on the various ball clays mined a=
nd on sale in USA on the internet than in any of my reference books. I was =
used to using UK raw materials and some of you have been patient and helpfu=
l when I've asked for help with US materials to sub in with my glaze recipe=
s. Thank you all for that. Also there was recently a query about sliding li=
ds which was tidied up in short order by several contributors. At first I w=
as a bit of the school of thought, for heaven's sake just figure it out, de=
eper gallery ledge, higher rim etc etc make some drawings, but then other p=
ostings made me realize that some of us, like myself!!, are working in rela=
tive isolation and this link, and the internet, is their go to place and me=
ntor. Sorry for the unworthy thoughts. I guess the upside was that this pos=
ting made me think and review my lid seating etc.

I, as well, looked for images of David Todd's first solo show -- well done!=
-- but alas no link aside from rafting trips on river. Brrrrr!! Market you=
r work too so we can all enjoy it. I really like looking at Clayarter's wor=
k, and getting to know someone a little better. Probably should take the ti=
me to fire back more I like your work emails. Finally a realistic New Year'=
s resolution!

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