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clay workshops at northmount pleasant art centre (longish)

updated sun 11 jan 98


Leon Popik on sat 10 jan 98

Sorry folks..... Here are the workshops that should have been on previous

Clay Workshops to be Held at North Mount Pleasant Art Centre

Altered forms: Learn a variety of techniques for altering wheel thrown =
Discussion, slides, and examples will be used on Day 1 to generate ideas, =
illustrate concepts . Students will have an extra 3 hours non-instructional
studio time Saturday afternoon to work on the wheel and produce work for Day=
Sunday will be spent applying various altering methods to individual work. 2

Feb 28-Mar 1 Sat/Sun 9:00-12noon =2435 Class =23 38027A

Firing Fundamentals: For teachers, new kiln-owners, or students ready to =
more about pottery processes, this class covers the basics of operating an
electric kiln. How to use pyrometric cones, loading for optimum results, =
basic kiln and kiln furniture maintenance, changing elements, and safety. 1

Jan 31 Sat 10:00-4:00pm =2430 Class =2338198A

Get A Grip- Handles for the Potter: Learn to make a better cup, pitcher, =
or baking dish by making a better handle. Handles play a big role in the =
or failure of a pot in terms of both form and function. Explore a variety of
forming techniques, and learn to make handles that provide comfort, ease of =
and a pleasing form to complement your pots. 2 Classes.

Mar 7-8 Sat/Sun 9:00-12noon =2435 Class =2338199A

Glazing =26 Decorating: Practical tips for enhancing your pottery through
successful glazing. Bring some bisqued work, and try a variety of glaze
application techniques. 2 Classes

Mar 14-15 Sat/Sun 1:00-4:00pm =2435 Class =2338207A

Throwing Large Forms: Making large pots can be easier than you think. Learn
three simple techniques that will enable you to throw and assemble larger =
2 Classes.

Feb 21-22 Sat/Sun 9:00-12noon =2435 Class =2338028A

Terra Sigillata For The Potter: You=92ve probably seen the delicately =
pots of ancient Greece. Now you can learn the secrets of their warm, earthy
colours and satiny smooth surfaces. Instructor Brad Keys will provide =
guidance on mixing different colours and utilizing various application
techniques. Participants should bring 2 or 3 pieces of dry greenware on =
which to
work. 2 Classes.

Feb 7-8 Sat/Sun 9:00-12noon =2440 Class=2338200A

To register Please call (403)268-3800

North Mount Pleasant Art Centre

523 27 th Ave N.W.

Calgary, Alberta

Canada T2M 2H9

Any questions please call (403) 221-3682