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$2, $5 and $10 sale - getting kids to really look at art

updated sat 11 dec 10


John Post on fri 10 dec 10

I make small little vases and bowls to test new glazes on.

A couple of times a year I bring these small pots into my art room and
sell them for $2, $5 and $10.

At these prices, the kids I teach can afford to buy a piece of art
from their art teacher. The interesting part for me is watching how
much the kids look at the pots before they buy them. You can see how
the intensity of their gaze changes as they carefully judge and decide
what to buy. I sell out every time.

It's nice to be able to give kids a chance to purchase a piece of art
without their parents deciding what they should get or what goes good
with their house. I would bet that for most of these kids it's the
first time they have ever purchased a piece of art. Hopefully I am
helping to create a value for it in their lives. The money from the
sale goes back to purchase more art supplies for the my art program so
it's a way of keeping the cupboards stocked in these times of lean
school budgets.

John Post
Sterling Heights, Michigan