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ups saga

updated sat 10 jan 98


Eleanora Eden on fri 9 jan 98

Well it took awhile but I finally got UPS to cough up the $50 they owed me
without calling in the feds but I did have to threaten.

The morsel I feel obliged to share with y'all is that I was told by a
claims executive that, while if you have packages picked up and have your
own account they will happily pull up their copy of any past slip for
reference, if you walk up to their counter there are just too many slips
they would have to look through and they are not responsible for finding
their copy. That, along with their righteous refusal to believe anything
on the customer's copy of the slip because that of course would have been
faked after-the-fact, adds up to a let-the-customer-beware outlook on their
part when it comes to any mistake they might make on the transaction when
the peons who walk in the door are concerned. HELLO!

I had to submit all my file twice because the first time it got lost, and
this all was in the time frame where they figure about 99.96% of the public
would have already given up.....and I did feel like giving up, they tried
so hard to make me feel like a crook every time I talked to them.

Reminds me of a pot I did once of the industrial wasteland scenario with
this rear-view of a truck with poison signs all over it and a sign that
said "This company not responsible for anything."......

So if you bring your shipments to a UPS counter remember that there must be
an extra insurance charge listed separately for any package worth more than

Any HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody.....I'm hopelessly behind on my messages but
my pots are doing fine.....your consumer advocate....E.
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