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pricing dishes

updated thu 9 dec 10


mel jacobson on wed 8 dec 10

i go to macy's department store and look at high priced
dishes in their crockery department.
(john, go online and look.)

you will see prices from 100 bucks a setting to 250 bucks a
setting. forget kmart 5 dollar a set dishes. they don't count.

you make sure your client does the same thing...then you
indicate that those are mass produced by the millions.
thousands of people have your `pattern`. even those with gold rims
and cost 300 a setting. (`oh, i have denby, fruit and fern pattern`...gag.=

so, i set a price just under $150 for a full place setting.
sort of in the middle.

i make sure they know that what they will be getting
is a collectable set of dishes. no one on earth will have
a setting the same. it is unique.
what is that worth? a great deal. and, what i make will
last for hundreds of years...commercial dishes will craze and
break in no time. remember, when the clay and glaze are fired to
high temperature, it will last. in commercial dishes the clay body
is fired high..glaze low. some as low as cone 09. can you spell `chip`.
joe koons said while visiting the walker art center: (he looked at
the label.)
`the dishes they sell are way on the low end..worth about
50 cents a piece. they sell for like 60 bucks a dinner plate.
total junk. ` those sorts of dishes will craze and spider web
under normal use. who knew? the walker works on a high margin.

from: minnetonka, mn
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