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kids and clay was : clayart digest - 1 dec 2010 to 2 dec 2010 (#20=

updated thu 9 dec 10


Lee Love on wed 8 dec 10


I touched my first clay with Diana (an older woman. I was 5 and she
was 6) We dug it up at the new sledding hill across from her house.
I asked how we would color what we made. She offtered white shoe
polish. I had just seen Gegory Peck in Moby Dick, so paying
attention to the materials, I made a sculpture of a white whale. We
fired our creations in Diana's mother's oven.

Don't worry about kids knowing how to do something with clay!
=3DA0Lee, a Mashiko potter in Minneapolis

=3D93Observe the wonders as they occur around you. Don't claim them. Feel
the artistry moving through and be silent.=3D94 --Rumi